About Us

Our Vision is to provide every child with the tools and skills necessary to succeed in life.  Using current research on human brain development, we will help parents, caregivers, and communities identify strategies for laying a strong foundation for the future academic success for our children.

Our Mission is to support families from the earliest stages of a child’s development and prepare the children of Cherokee County for success through language and literacy skill development.

Guiding Principles:

  • Parents are the first and most important teachers.
  • Parent talk is the most valuable resource in our world.
  • Every child is born with the same potential for success.
  • The “word gap” is preventable, despite the stressors of poverty.
  • Preparation for tomorrow’s every changing workforce begins at birth.
  • Investing in early learning costs less and yields a better return on investment than paying for future failure.
  • Building a Child’s brain is everyone’s responsibility.